Transnet Online Integrated Report 2017
Market Demand Strategy (MDS) themes
  • Financial sustainability
  • Capacity creation and maintenance
  • Market segment competitiveness
  • Operational excellence
  • Human capital
  • Organisational readiness
  • Sound governance and ethics
  • Constructive stakeholder relations
  • Sustainable developmental outcomes
Sustainable Developmental Outcomes (SDOs)
  • Employment
  • Skills development
  • Industrial capability building
  • Investment leveraged
  • Regional integration
  • Transformation
  • Health and safety
  • Community development
  • Environmental stewardship
The Capitals
  • Financial Capital
  • Manufactured Capital
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Human Capital
  • Social and Relationship Capital

Opportunities and Risks

Risk management within Transnet

Transnet’s top risks for 2017
The strategic risks of Transnet are reassessed on an annual basis by considering the best available information on changes in both the internal and external environments of the organisation. Risks are evaluated and assessed on an inherent risk basis, before current controls are considered. The control effectiveness of the current basket of controls is rated by the Group Leadership Team and expressed as a percentage. This results in a residual risk rating per risk.

Transnet’s top 10 material risks for 2017 and the year-on-year movement of the top 10 risks from the prior year

Opportunities and Risks

In reviewing the Company’s key risks, we consider both internal and external factors to understand the interconnectedness of risks and to appreciate the possible impacts. Risk sponsors are assigned to each strategic risk to ensure mitigation strategies areas are aligned across all operations. Risks are ranked according to the residual risk rating after considering the adequacy and effectiveness of controls that mitigate those risks.

Material Aspects