Transnet Online Integrated Report 2017
Market Demand Strategy (MDS) themes
  • Financial sustainability
  • Capacity creation and maintenance
  • Market segment competitiveness
  • Operational excellence
  • Human capital
  • Organisational readiness
  • Sound governance and ethics
  • Constructive stakeholder relations
  • Sustainable developmental outcomes
Sustainable Developmental Outcomes (SDOs)
  • Employment
  • Skills development
  • Industrial capability building
  • Investment leveraged
  • Regional integration
  • Transformation
  • Health and safety
  • Community development
  • Environmental stewardship
The Capitals
  • Financial Capital
  • Manufactured Capital
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Human Capital
  • Social and Relationship Capital

Our Stakholder relationships

Engaging our stakeholders

Our stakeholder engagement practices are key success factors in achieving our strategy, and form part of the boundary and scope of our Enterprise Risk Management Framework. Our stakeholders influence our brand equity, and they work collaboratively alongside us through shared and sustainable values.

Our first priority in creating value through (and in partnership with) our stakeholders is to ensure that we manage our stakeholder relationships ethically and accountably. We do so through various governance mechanisms, including our Stakeholder Engagement Policy and Process Control Framework.

The Stakeholder Engagement Policy specifies the norms and values that guide Transnet’s stakeholder relations and establishes a systematic approach to the management of Transnet’s stakeholder engagements across the Company.

Material Aspects