Transnet Online Integrated Report 2017
Market Demand Strategy (MDS) themes
  • Financial sustainability
  • Capacity creation and maintenance
  • Market segment competitiveness
  • Operational excellence
  • Human capital
  • Organisational readiness
  • Sound governance and ethics
  • Constructive stakeholder relations
  • Sustainable developmental outcomes
Sustainable Developmental Outcomes (SDOs)
  • Employment
  • Skills development
  • Industrial capability building
  • Investment leveraged
  • Regional integration
  • Transformation
  • Health and safety
  • Community development
  • Environmental stewardship
The Capitals
  • Financial Capital
  • Manufactured Capital
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Human Capital
  • Social and Relationship Capital

Abbreviations and Acronymns

AAR Association of American Railroads
AFS Annual Financial Statements
AGM Annual General Meeting
ALA – AISM International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities
B-BBEE Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
Capex Capital expenditure
CDP Carbon Disclosure Project
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CIDB Act Construction Industry Development Board Act
CIPC Companies and Intellectual Property Commission
CMS Condition Monitoring System
CoBIT Control Objectives for Information and related Technologies
COSO Committee of Sponsoring Organisations
CPAF Capital Projects/Programme Assurance Framework
CPI Consumer price index
CSI Corporate social investment
CSIR Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
DCT Durban Container Terminal
DEA Department of Environmental Affairs
DIFR Disabling injury frequency rate
DPE Department of Public Enterprises
DWS Department of Water and Sanitation
EBITDA Earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation
ED Enterprise Development
EMTN Euro Medium-Term Note
ERM Enterprise Risk Management
ESD Enterprise and supplier development
EVP Employee Value Proposition
FEL Front-end loading
FRMF Financial Risk Management Framework
FRMP Fraud Risk Management Programme
GDP Gross domestic product
GE General Electric
GFB General Freight Business
GLT Group Leadership Team
GMTN Global Medium-term Note
GRI Global Reporting Initiative
IAM Integrated Assurance Model
ICT Information and communication technology
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IIA Institute of Internal Auditors
IR Integrated Report
IRIS Intelligent Real-time Information Services (Advanced Data Analytics and Machine Learning platform)
iSCM Integrated Supply Chain Management
ISO International Organisation for Standardisation
IT Information technology
King lll King Report on Governance for South Africa, 2009
King lV King Report on Corporate Governance for
South Africa, 2016
KPI Key performance indicator
LNG Liquefied natural gas
LPG Liquefied petroleum gas
LTI Long-term Incentive
MCLI Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiatives
MDS Market Demand Strategy
Mℓ/km Million litres per kilometre
MOI Memorandum of Incorporation
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
mt Million tons
mtpa Million tons per annum
NDP National Development Plan
NEAP National Economically Active Population
NEPAD New Partnership for Africa’s Development
Nersa National Energy Regulator of South Africa
NGO Non-governmental organisation
NMPP New Multi-Product Pipeline
NT National Treasury
NTK Net ton kilometre
OEM Original equipment manufacturer
PAIA Prevention of Access to Information Act
PFMA Public Finance Management Act
PPPFA Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act
PSP Private sector participation
R&D Research and Development
RAMS Rail Addressable Market Share
RBCT Richards Bay Coal Terminal
REMSEC Remuneration, Social and Ethics Committee
RFP Request for Proposal
RMO Results Management Office
ROTA Return on total average assets
RRA Railroad Association
S&P Standard & Poor’s
SARA South African Railways Association
Satawu South African Transport and Allied Workers Union
SCM Supply Chain Management
SD Supplier Development
SDOs Sustainable Developmental Outcomes
SOC State-owned company
SR Sustainability Report
SROA Sustainability Risks and Opportunities Assessment
SSI Statement of Strategic Intent
STI Short-term Incentive
TAL TransAfrica Locomotive
TE Engineering
TEU Twenty-foot equivalent unit
TFR Freight Rail
TIA Transnet Internal Audit
TIH Transnet International Holdings
TCMS Train Control and Management System
TMPS Total Measurable Procurement Spend
TNPA National Ports Authority
TPL Pipelines
TPT Port Terminals
TSDBF Transnet Second Defined Benefit Fund
TTPF Transnet Sub-fund of the Transport Pension Fund
TVCC Transnet Value Chain Co-ordinator
UAR Union of African Railways
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
UNGC United Nations Global Compact
UNTU United National Transport Union